10 Luxury Watch Brands in the World to Know

Watches are not just used to keep up with time. It’s also a reflection of one’s taste and individuality. Those who are all for showing their personal style (and status), carefully choosing the perfect timepiece for them is a top priority. While a lot of watches can be found on the affordable side, there’s something only the posh ones can offer. First of all, it’s not just the price tag, though it certainly cannot also be the similar horological thing you just found at some bazaars or clearance sales.Surely a fancy watch is a good starting point because it will never be called luxury if it’s not pricey in the first place. But with such a cost, you know you’ll get the best kind in return. By best, we mean the best design, best build quality and best functionality.

Patek Philippe


A Swiss brand known to have been top choices by royalties like Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Patek Philippe has set the standard for luxury watches since its founding in 1851. This brand is famous for its classic, understated and traditional look with highly functional mechanics.  This brand is also known for its masterful complications such as star charts, moon phases, perpetual calendars and a lot more. But if you’re the type who wants the dials to look more prestigious, this may not be for you as PP dials are much simpler than other brands. Plus it doesn’t illuminate that much in the dark. But overall, their style is to die for. No wonder Patek Philippe is the choice of most royalties or even famous personalities like Albert Einstein, Brad Pitt, Paul Mc Cartney and Pablo Picasso.

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