11 Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints for 2018

Shin splints, the catch-all term for a deep, muscular pain on the inside or outside of the shin, can drive runners crazy—and lead to significant injuries such as stress fractures. Luckily for most, shin splints can be avoided with the right training and the right shoes. While we at Janji are neither doctors or trained coaches, we know that wearing the right footwear really can make a world of difference with shin pain. That’s why we’ve gone over data from a company who interviewed over 4,000 runners to help find answer this question: what are the best running shoes for shin splints?

Below are the very best running shoes for shin splints divided into two categories: stability and neutral.

Best Stability Running Shoes for Shin Splints (Arch collapsing inward when running)


Brooks Ravenna 9, Men, Women, MSRP $110

This shoe, designed for the mildly pronating runner, is soft, bouncy, and made with all the features that makes Brooks the top selling shoe brand in specialty stores. The shoe fits perfectly, is great for bunions, and feels incredibly easy to wear. Because of its cushion and comfort, the Ravenna 8 is one of the best running trainers for shin splints, especially if you’re a mild pronator.

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