Step 2: Cut Rotor Blanks

Picture of Cut Rotor Blanks
Picture of Cut Rotor Blanks

Of course, this cardboard conversion did require some mods of the original all-metal design. One change was the use of thicker material for the rotor discs — 1/8″ thick bookbinder’s board vs. 1/32″ thick stainless steel. I bought a stack of used binders with loose/broken rings at a yard sale for my supply of cardboard.

Remove cloth or plastic covering from binders. Cut twenty, 3-1/2″ diameter rotor blanks from cardboard. Actually, only 16 blanks are needed, but extras are useful as spares. BTW, I used scissors for the prototype; but then switched to an adjustable circle cutter for the subsequent version to save time. Drill a 1/4″ shaft hole through the center of each blank.

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