5 DIY Hacks to Have in Your Camera Bag

2. Wrist rubber band to prevent zoom creep

I used to own a Nikon 18-200mm VR lens. It was a great versatile lens. But after some time, when I would take macro or overhead shots, where the camera is at 45 angle or more, I’d notice the lens would creep (move slightly due to gravity). I found this neat solution online to put a wrist rubber band around the zoom ring and the barrel of the lens. It worked and was a perfect solution to prevent the lens from creeping.


A wrist rubber band to stop lens creep.

This rubber band can also act to secure the Ziploc bag around the lens if safeguarding against the rain. See tip below.

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One thought on “5 DIY Hacks to Have in Your Camera Bag

  1. I made my hand strap the same as the paracord, but used flat bungy coats. If adjusted properly if you loose your grip the bungy holds. Have been using for several years now and never failed me.

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