5 of the Greatest Supercars That Never Made It to Production

ith the tremendous sum of time and cash invested in the development of a supercar, it’s always a tragedy when things go nowhere and the result is stillborn. There are too many instances like this throughout automotive history, but these five are some of the most interesting supercars that never met production.

To make this list, the car had to actually be planned to be more than a concept car, but met a premature end for one reason or another. That means no Mazda Furai, even though it was fully drivable, and was demonstrated around the world until burning to a crisp in the hands of Top Gear.

#1: 2010 Acura NSX

That’s right: the Honda NSX was meant to receive a successor around the turn of the decade, years before the current Acura NSX hybrid supercar. News reports from the period allege it to be based on an NSX prototype, and while details are sparse, it is claimed that the original road car program was canceled in 2009, and that the HSV-010 GT rose from the ashes. The HSV-010 GT was powered by a 3.4-liter V-8 derived from Formula Nippon cars, and made both one hell of a noise, and more than 500 horsepower.

The Drive reached out to Honda for further details on the NSX successor’s development program, and was blessed with a small number of details. A Honda spokesperson confirmed to The Drive that the HSV-010 began life as an NSX replacement, and that the road car was planned to utilize a proprietary V-10 engine, though displacement and power figures were never officially released. News from the car’s development period alleged a 5.5-liter unit, but unless Honda decides it’s ready to talk in detail about the technological programs related to the engine, it’s likely we will never hear anything more than what we already know about the NSX-to-be.

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