10 Actors Who Drive The Nicest Pickups (And 7 That Don’t)

Buckle up as we explore actors who drive some of the nicest pickups.

They are the envy of the world and belong to the 1%. Paparazzi follow them everywhere to capture what they are wearing, who they are dating and what they are talking about. They are the elite group whose lives we can only dream about. Actors live in mansions, date models and party around the world; something most of us have never done. But, is it possible that we match up to these gods or maybe even surpass in them certain spheres? Well, it may just be possible.

While fancy cars are synonymous with movie stars, there are some actors who do not have the time to shop around for a supercar or do not have a lavish taste. Either way, some actors drive pickups that would make the middle-class cringe. Sure, there are actors who drive the latest models and show them off on their social media pages, they are included in our list but so are the ones who drive the cars we do.

We understand that not everyone has great taste or values cars, but we expected more from some of the featured actors. Others on the list drive the pickups we are saving up for and make us green with envy. Buckle up as we explore actors who drive some of the nicest pickups while some drive the ones that bring them down to our level.


Caan is not the biggest Hollywood name on our list, but he has made a name for himself by acting in Varsity Blues, Ocean’s Eleven and the joyride movie Gone In 60 Seconds. While we were expecting Caan to drive something along the lines of the speedsters that he drove in Gone In 60 Seconds, perhaps the Porsche he stole in the movie, he has not let us down with his preference in pickup trucks.

Caan owns a vintage blue Ford that he proudly parades wherever he goes.

The Hawaii Five-O actor does not use the pickup only to move furniture around. He is glad to show off the bright blue classic when going to the grocery store. The car is a 1939 model and is a ¾ ton truck with a V-8 engine and weighs 2752 lbs, according to Concept Carz. Although the car is considered a classic, its price does not suggest that it is. The average price of the 1939 model is roughly $1000. Besides the affordable price, Caan has made a good choice in pickups and has looked well after the vehicle. When the time comes to sell, we are confident that Caan will be able to get more than a $1000 for his baby.

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