10 Actors Who Drive The Nicest Pickups (And 7 That Don’t)


Huertas plays a cop on ABC’s ‘Castle,’ a detective series based in New York. In the program, Huertas drives a Ford Crown Victoria, which is the standard police vehicle. When it involves personal car choices, Huertas has not deviated too much from the car his character drives. His personal car is a 1960 Ford F-100. Huertas says it is his dream car that he wanted since he was a kid. When he bought the car, he decided to drive it everywhere he went as he thought the car would go to waste if unused. The former Generation Kill star bought the vehicle in 2003 and had put a lot of work into it. He says that he uses the car these days for a Sunday drive but has invested time and energy into maintaining it. The car was originally a seafoam green and white, but Huertas painted it apple green and white. The car has a 292 ci Y-block V-8 engine, twin Vortech V1, and a Tremec T5 transmission. Considering that Huertas has done a tremendous amount of work to bring it to its near-perfect condition and maintained it throughout the years, his purchase goes into the nice pickup category.

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