25 Of The Sickest Non-American Cars You Can Buy For Under $5000

When you think of cars, you probably think of three different markets: US, Europe and Asia.

When you think of cars, you probably think of three different markets: US, Europe and Asia. And within Europe you likely think of Germany and Japan within Asia—or at least that’s what I think. Let’s look at each one a little closer.

US—the land of innovation, indulgence and obesity—has had a checkered automotive past. The golden times were when Henry Ford made the car readily and cheaply available for the masses; the Mustang continues that tradition. But the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s were dominated by the likes of Ford, GM and Chrysler, and they weren’t always acting in the best interest of the public. Even now, America produces some good cars, but you begin to wonder why most of our cars don’t rise out of their averageness.

And then you have got the automotive industry of Germany and Japan. They have produced such competent and innovative cars that you start grilling in your head about how these countries were “born” for the automotive industry. While I don’t believe in destiny, it’s not difficult to say these two countries dominate various countries in the world in terms of their cars.

While writing this article, I tried to make sure all the cars listed here were available for the price and miles listed in each entry. With that in mind, here we go!


You can get a decade-old Maxima SL with around 130K miles on it for under $5K. The year 2008 was the last year of the sixth-generation Maximas, during which there were two options, the sporty SE model and the luxurious SL. The sports model had a bigger wheel, stiffer suspension and a rear spoiler to match the optional six-speed manual transmission; the sedan had wood-laden interior, Bose stereo, leather seats and the optional heated seats. Since it’s a sedan, the option of a manual transmission was taken away. However, you can get either one of those cars for less than $5K. And while such cars would have anywhere from 110-130K miles on them, you can rest assured the reliability of Nissan will give you plenty of more trouble-free years.

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