25 Of The Sickest Non-American Cars You Can Buy For Under $5000

242013 HONDA FIT

I was desperately trying to see if any Fit from the third generation would be on sale for the price that would allow me to put it here. While I need to look harder to find that, I found one from the model year 2013, a model year that isn’t anything extraordinary, but is definitely worthy of being placed on the list. While the third-generation Fit looks very friendly, 2013 model year was the last year of the second generation, meaning the exterior didn’t look as aesthetically pleasing, as I’d have wanted. However, that generation looks improved from the previous generation, a trend that we’ll hopefully continue seeing from Honda, as Honda continues to push its limits. You can be fitted with a Fit with 140K miles from 2013 for under $5K.

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