9 Easy Wood Craft Ideas That Sell

Some people like to visualise a project from the nascent stage. They like to start from the scratch, put the design down on paper, calculate all measurements and required material, and make a complete plan for it before staring to build the project.

Others like to work with reliable and ready made woodworking plans to be found in various publications and woodworking resources.
Wooden pen holder

Wooden Pen Holders.

Pen holders are a popular woodcraft. Everyone needs one and usually more than one. Here’s the thing, they are easy to make and you can make them in several designs. So for the same simple woodcraft you can easily have many different variations and products. What you do with this kind of freedom is only limited by your own creativity, skills and resources.
Wood coasters

Wooden Table Coasters

Once again, table coasters are an essential household item. Its a great idea to make table coasters out of wood. People buy lots of them and you can offer a lot of options in design, quality, material and workmanship. Wood table coaster are a high selling woodcraft and that requires relatively very little effort and time to make.

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