9 Easy Wood Craft Ideas That Sell

Wooden paperweights

Ideas for a woodworking project does not get simpler than this. All you need to do is essentially make something with a bit of weight in wood. There are many ways you can go about doing this.

For example you can simply take a piece of wood in some rich texture. You can cut it into an attractive shape that flatters the grain of the wood. And you can finish it even further with polish, lacquer etc.

Another option is to make the paper weight more fancy with engravings. You can also make a paperweight that doubles as a small box. Like we said the options of designs will be numerous.

But the one thing that they would probably share in common is that it will be a simple woodcraft to make that costs very little and sells a lot. You can expect to put a good profit margin on this item since there is a lot of scope for fancy craftsmanship without increasing the cost of materials and tools.

Small Wooden Shelves

I’m sure that you have seen the simple kind of wooden shells that attach themselves to walls and are meant to display and keep small objects. They can be used virtually everywhere in the house from bedrooms to bathrooms to living room and the kitchens.

The design is extremely basic. There is a wooden platform that has supports under it which adjoined it to the wall. You can make this in a very basic form or don fancy touches by carving, engraving and introducing of the design elements.

These basic wooden wall shelves are something that literally sell on display. Someone just has to look at them and they can instantly imagine a place and a need for such an item in their homes.

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