Best Pocket Flashlights as Defense Tool 2018

Best Pocket Flashlights for a Daily Use

There is at least once a day when we all need to use a pocket flashlight and the irony is, whenever it is required the most, it just magically vanishes. No matter where you are, a flashlight is a very handy tool and a must-have. Flashlights come in far and wide variety now with state of the art LED technologies and many other distinctive features that make them more efficient. Remember the days when flashlights used to be huge with limited battery time and carrying them was such a pain?

Thank God that time is over. Now, a good EDC pocket flashlight has to be durable, handy and easily accessible. Here’s the list of 9 best pocket flashlights that you can choose from:

1. ShadowHawk X800 High Tactical Flashlight

Made of Aircraft-Grade Aluminum and XPE 800 Lumen light bulb, this flashlight has a lot to offer than just extra brightness and durability. And that makes it the topper of our list.The ShadowHawk X800 is a newly launched military grade EDC LED flashlight which is equally useful for common people, Police and military personnel.

The hard-anodized finish makes it water resistant, anti-abrasive and shock proof but that’s just not it. This flashlight comes with 5 Preset Settings and a lifespan of 100,000 hours with 3 rechargeable AAA batteries.

What makes it unique is its zooming flexibility which goes up to as much as 2000X. Being very easy to carry around, it is a perfect tool for self-defense and routine use.

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