20 Brilliant Repurposing Projects For Changing Tables

Babies are so wonderful. They add such joy to our lives and often, so many pieces of furniture, too. If you have had a baby recently that has outgrown his or her furniture, there is a way that you can repurpose that furniture and turn it into new and exciting things. I have a list of 20 wonderful ways for you to repurpose your baby’s changing table and make something new from it. Instead of tossing it or worse, leaving it in the baby’s room in the way, make something exciting from that changing table and put it to good use again.

From a desk for your little one to the most adorable play station, you can turn that unused dressing table into something functional once again. I love repurposing! It saves you from tossing things out that could be of great value and it is so easy to turn those old items into new things. You can repurpose just about anything and make it something new again! And, that goes for baby changing tables…which you will see in this list.

If you don’t have a changing table to repurpose but you really want to try out some of these DIY projects, you can check yard sales or your local thrift stores. You can normally find an old changing table for under $20, which still makes these projects super affordable and there are just so many wonderful things that you can do with that changing table.

1. DIY Bedroom Storage

DIY Bedroom Storage

What better way to repurpose that old changing table than to turn it into extra storage? An old changing table makes the perfect place to display photos or hold quilts – whatever you need it for. You can paint or stain the table as needed to match your existing décor, too and just think about all of that organizing space that you will have!

Tutorial: allpeoplequilt

2. DIY Lego Table – IKEA Hack

DIY Lego Table – IKEA Hack

I do love IKEA hacks and this is one of my favorites. You can turn an ordinary white changing table from IKEA into the most adorable Lego table for your little ones. A Lego table not only gives them a wonderful place to play, but it helps to save your feet…if you have ever stepped on a Lego then you know what I’m talking about. This is an excellent way to store those Legos and keep them off the floor and give your kids a place for creative play as well.

Tutorial: erinspain

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