20 Brilliant Repurposing Projects For Changing Tables

3. Quick And Simple Toy Car Garage

Quick And Simple Toy Car Garage

You can instantly turn that unused changing table into the perfect place to park your little boy’s cars and trucks. A changing table makes a wonderful car garage and you really don’t have to do anything to it unless you just want to. Personally, I would paint the table to match the child’s décor and maybe add in some cute racing stripes or other automotive related embellishments to really make it stand out.

Tutorial: lovegrowswild

4. Repurposed Changing Table Desk

Repurposed Changing Table Desk

Turn that old changing table into a cute little desk where your little ones can do their homework. I love the idea of furniture growing with children and this is the perfect example. It doesn’t even take that much effort to make a desk from an old changing table and it saves you from having to buy them a desk once they start school.

Tutorial: thriftdiving

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