20 Ferraris That Were Modded To Perfection


This car is quite a monster. It was customized by Centro Stile and Pininfarina and is based off the awesome 458 Italia. It was built especially for guitar god and 11-time Grammy winning musician Eric Clapton, which is what the “EC” in the name stands for. Clapton is a well-known lover of Ferraris, as was shown when he placed a picture of his silver 365 GT4 BB on the inside cover of his album, Slowhand.

This SP12 EC is a tribute to the Berlinetta Boxers of old (the 365 and 512). It doesn’t have a V12 engine, but it has all the other fixings of the old style boxers. The car also cost a whopping $4.7 million to build in 2012, and is probably worth more than that today. The car is much more retro than a traditional 458, but it’s also arguably prettier than the standard model.

The car was customized completely to the taste of Mr. Clapton. It has vented C-pillars with large openings that are used to sufficiently cool down the 4.5-liter V8 engine. It has 165 kW more power and 90 Nm more torque than a standard 5.0-liter V12, too. To top it off, the red and black color scheme make it look like a dream.

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