The 10 best men’s slippers

In the cold winter months, when temperatures drop below freezingat night, there’s nothing better than sitting snug by a fire with a pair of comfy slippers.

Important factors to consider when choosing the right slipper include insulation, comfort, material and design. You want something homely, that’s for sure; and if you can pop out to the newsagents in them, then all the better.

However, err too much on the side of comfort and you may end up with a pair of Uggs, which, while incredibly warm and snug, spark intense debate any time they’re seen on a man.

Whatever your preference, here’s our pick of the best slippers on the market.

Mahabis Larvik

A masterpiece of comfort and practicality, the wool-lined Mahabis Larvik quickly converts from a slipper into a shoe thanks to a detachable outer sole, so you can easily pop out for a pint of milk in them.

The sole comes in a variety of colours, and there’s a breathable mesh version for summer.

Increasingly, Mahabis is the slipper of choice for the young and trendy – but the quality of design and build means it should appeal to men of all ages. A trusted Telegraph favourite.

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