The 14 DIY Projects and Hacks for Your Next Camp-out

For something that’s supposed to get you back to nature, you can actually buy a butt-load of new crap just for camping. You don’t need most of that crap, of course, but hey. Sixteen-person party tents and inflatable air beds and cast iron novelty cookware–what else are you going to put on your wedding registry?

You can still have lots of little gimmicky gadgets to make camping more fun and convenient without buying them from Eddie Bauer, though. Check out this list of some of my favorite DIY camping hacks, because why pay for something if you can just make it with junk that you dug out of your recycling?

1. DIY bandanna bowl covers

Bandannas look especially nice, but you can make these out of any stash cotton fabric.

2. DIY bed sheet hammock

Just because you don’t have a hammock doesn’t mean that you can’t have a hammock!

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