The Most Incredible Bucket List Adventures You Need to Experience This Year

3. Make furry friends in Churchill, Manitoba

18 Bucket List Adventures for 2018Photo by em_j_bishop on / CC BY

Churchill, Manitoba is known for it’s adorable (albeit somewhat dangerous) population of polar bears. Located in northern Manitoba, Canada, this small community’s furry residents are the talk of the globe. Chances are that you’ve come across a photo of them in the past few months, relaxing in the snow, exuding what can only be described as chilled vibes. So, why not pack some extra layers and start exploring Manitoba?

Best time to go: The polar bear season is from July to November and changes due to migration patterns.

4. Hike Hawaii’s breathtaking Na Pali Coast

Photo by Jeff Kubina on Visual hunt / CC BY-SA

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned trekker or if you’re more of the enjoy-the-view-from-the-comfort-of-the-shore type of traveller, the Kalalau trail along the Na Pali coast is somewhere you need to hike along. Standing tall at an astounding 4,000 feet, this picturesque peak in Kaua’i, Hawaii is equal parts challenging and rewarding. If you thought the view from below was impressive, you’ll be stunned by it from above.

Best time to go: Opt to go during the low season from April to June when there will be fewer crowds, and you will practically have the trail to yourself.

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