The Top 7 Sports Cars From The 90s That Always Broke Down

The ’90s were some of the greatest years for the automobile industry. The current crop of millennials approaching their 30s was born in this period. It was like a new renaissance, and car manufacturers were fiercely competitive. There were new and bolder designs with high performance to boot. You could find great cars in almost every vertical, including trucks.

The ’90s saw the birth of some amazing car models that are still on the assembly line up to today. There were a couple of sports cars that were also produced during this era. They symbolized the highest form of engineering that a car manufacturer could showcase. There were those that were targeted for the average consumer, and these are the ones we’ll be highlighting. Some sports cars didn’t turn out so great and were an embarrassment to the owners and the producers. Such cars would always have mechanical vulnerabilities and weren’t reliable by any means. The oddballs must always be there in any ecosystem, and the car industry is no exception. The ’90s could easily be a top-three contender for the best decade for the automobile industry. Here are sports cars from the ’90s that always broke down.

Porsche 911 (996)

The Porsche 911 has been in production since 1963, and there are still some amazing cars being produced to date. The 996 came out at a time when the company was struggling financially, and that could be seen in the vehicle.

It was hurriedly put on the assembly line without much engineering thought going into it.

The design looks like it was lifted from the Boxster, which was another sports car that’s an embarrassment to Porsche. There was a big issue with the water-cooling tech with the first generations of the 966. The rear wing also wouldn’t sometimes open. The front radiator was prone to leaking, which was unfortunate for a car with the Porsche badge.

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