The Top 7 Sports Cars From The 90s That Always Broke Down

Subaru SVX

The Subaru SVX had to be on this list. It’s included in almost every list of the worst cars in the last 25 years. It first featured in the 1989 Tokyo Show, and the company thought there was enough interest for the car to hit mass production. The designer is the same person who came up with the Maserati Ghibli, which is nothing to write about, except for the windows that don’t work. The SVX was to be the foundation upon which new Subaru sports cars would be built upon. It turned out to be a massive failure, even with the 3.3-liter, 230 hp. The SVX could only manage a paltry 0.29 drag coefficient. The sub-par tech features only made things worse for the SVX.

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