The Top Reasons Why Tesla Will Lose The EV Race

19 GM May Ramp Up Production Using Available EV Platforms And Outshine Tesla In The U.S.

General Motors has been a major force in the United States for more than half a century now. It was at its peak around the mid-1950s with only two competitors: Ford and Chrysler. This giant carmaker had the resources and the capability of controlling over half of the US market before several other competing brands came into the picture and gave consumers more options. In just about a year and a half, GM was able to go from the concept to the production of its mass-market electric car, the Chevy Bolt. Surprisingly, the Chevy Bolt was selling around 1,500 units every month.

This EV and the gas-electric Chevy Volt hybrid have made GM the top seller of electrified cars that are non-Teslas in the United States.

GM could go ahead and use the same technology to produce pickups, sports cars, and bigger all-electric cars. The company has, in the past, used this type of method with its gas-powered vehicles and has a reputation for scaling up production exceptionally well. While Tesla continues to struggle with the production of the Model 3, GM could decide to increase its EV production exponentially and surpass Tesla. In fact, if demand surges, GM has the capability of switching from gas to electric in the shortest time.

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