The Top Reasons Why Tesla Will Lose The EV Race

18 More Luxury Automakers Are Also Looking To Join The EV Industry

By the end of this decade, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, and BMW will have released all-electric cars that have the specs and capabilities of a Tesla. But unlike Tesla, these are traditional luxury manufacturers who treat luxury like their lives depend on it. They know the finest materials for the interiors, plus they have experience about the finer details that make a car luxurious. In the past, they’ve given consumers a good reason to spend six figures on a car because they’re reliable and they make great cars. In fact, Mercedes already has its version of Tesla’s Autopilot; it’s called “Drive Pilot.” However, car enthusiasts claim it comes nowhere close to Tesla’s Autopilot. But do you think Mercedes is behind technologically? Definitely not. Mercedes is an auto-industry pioneer, and its quality control is top-notch; so it’s probably just taking its sweet time. Just like most other luxury automakers, Mercedes has massive resources and supplier networks that are already in place, and it has the capability of acquiring a big chunk of Tesla’s clients.

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