The Trans-America Trail and More Adventurous Travel For Your Bucket List


The last frontier. I have dreamed of visiting Alaska since I was just a kid.  The wide open spaces and extreme environment has some magical appeal.  I would love to take an extended trip to Alaska so I could really dig into it.  I mean sure I want to see glaciers, the northern lights, and moose, but I also want to see the small towns, explore Denali, and see what else Alaska has to offer. It is such a vast place that I’m sure even a month long trip wouldn’t begin to scratch the surface.

Alaska Bucket List


I worked for a Japanese owned company for quite some time.  Lots of business trips to Japan were scheduled and canceled (cost savings).  I guess this planted the seed for my desire to visit Japan.  I find myself reading all kinds of articles about life in Tokyo, visiting local Japanese cultural events like the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival, and watching shows about travel to Japan. Everything about this place fascinates me, and I must make it there one day.

Shibuya Crossing at Night Tokyo

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