Top 10 Car Rumors That Are Totally False

Check out this list of motoring myths which have been proven false – along with some which are actually true.

Cars are something of a national obsession in the USA. Hardly surprising, given that 88% of Americans own a vehicle! Everyone has an opinion on what makes a cool car, so acronyms like hp and mpg are used casually in conversations. Let’s not forget the popularity of motor sports like NASCAR and Formula One, and of course the world-famous Indianapolis 500 race, which attracts over 300,000 fans every year.

The downside of this national obsession, is that everyone has lots to say on cars and motoring – and not all of these opinions are factually correct.

When it comes to cars, there is no substitute for doing your own research, and not relying on what your friends tell you as true. Believing a false rumor about cars could even end up costing you money – or at least make you look really dumb when you repeat it in more educated company.

Some of the most common motoring myths have already been well and truly debunked. For example, nobody believes that you have to change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles any more, just as nobody would seriously believe that if you put jet fuel in your gas tank then your vehicle will travel faster. However, it is not always so easy to get to the truth.

Check out the list below of motoring myths which have been proven false – and some which are actually true.


When the time comes to get a new insurance policy for your vehicle, there are always a myriad if factors which the insurance company takes into account when calculating how much your policy is going to cost. The simplest way they decide who pays more and who pays less for their insurance is gender.

Over a lifetime, women will pay less for their car insurance than men – though the biggest difference in the cost of an insurance policy is evident in younger drivers.

Young, male drivers are considered to be high risk by insurance companies, who jack up the prices accordingly. Men also tend to choose cars which insurance companies believe pose a higher risk – so say goodbye to that high-powered sports car if you want to get a cheaper insurance deal.

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One thought on “Top 10 Car Rumors That Are Totally False

  1. Have to disagree with you on both the coasting one and the AC one. When a car is idling in neutral coasting down a hill, the RPM on the engine is decreased by 400 or so RPM’s. I know this because I have an automatic with both a tach and a fuel economy monitoring system that tells me that its true. Also when you are rolling in neutral versus letting off the accelerator you are not being slowed down by the transmission in an automatic. As to your claim that you don’t waste gas using the AC, the AC system is on a belt that when it is engaged it slows the rotation of the engine. Sit t idle and turn it off and on and you will notice the strain on the motor when the compressor for the AC kicks in. I also know that it is untrue because my car has a fuel economy monitoring system. If I drive a tank of gas with the AC on my mpg is 16.9. When I drive a tank with the AC off my milage is 19.4.

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